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~ The Lovezone with Geena Lee ~ Episode 34: Summer Love

04 July 2010no comments Disco, Funk, Music Mix, Poems of Passion, R&B, Soul

You are my sunshine… – Mtume

Between you and me, there’s nothing I love more than the sun, except for music that is. So I figured why not bring my two loves together in one place: The Lovezone.  So grab some lemonade, kick back in the shade, and join me for a little summer love!


Summer Love

The Lovezone with Geena Lee: Episode 34 ~ Summer Love by GeenaLee on

Boney M – Sunny
The Chi-Lites – I Found Sunshine
Rockers Revenge – Walking On Sunshine
Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine
Mirage – Summer Grooves
The McCrarys – Love On A Summer Night
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Sunshower
Stevie Wonder – You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Willie Hutch – Sunshine Lady
Main Ingredient – Summer Breeze
Maze ft. Frankie Beverly – Golden Time Of Day
Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
Roy Ayers & Ramp – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Sam Cooke – Summertime
Soul For Real – Ain’t No Sunshine
Stevie Wonder – I Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer
Active Force – My Sunshine
Average White Band (AWB) – Sunny Days
Randy Crawford – You Bring The Sun Out
Alexander O’Neal – Sunshine
Mtume – You Are My Sunshine
The Delfonics – Walk Right Up To The Sun
Nat King Cole – You Are My Sunshine

Summer Love Poems 

by Geena Lee

I’m walking on sunshine
even if only in my mind

It’s how I keep the rainy days at bay
giving no room for gloomy thoughts
to stay

I dream of being by the sea
lazy…and free

And in that moment
I would stop time
so that the sun 
would forever shine

Summer grooves put you in the mood
to move
in ways winter never could

On a summer night
the heat of the day dissipates
but the heart stays warm
wrapped in the sun’s sultry song

The fan is on high
stirring happy sighs
as love
begins to rise…

Where would I be 
without your light?

Things just wouldn’t go right

I’ll proclaim it from the highest height
that I love you with all my might

‘Cause you
are the sunshine
of my life


with radiant heat

moving with ease

by the summer-sweet breeze

Bees settle on flower petals
lightly padding 
on their golden medals

Barbeques and cool water pools
filled to the brim 
with sun-splashed skin

Clear blue skies 
with the occaisional cloud floating by
just saying hi

Fruits of the season
ripe and ready to be eaten 
for any reason

As ice cream drips
before eager lips

And toes wriggle in the sand
this is…(my life in the sunshine)

Return to me
my sunshine

I need your light back in my love

What you left behind
still waits for you
and here I’ll stay 
until you find your way

Like a wilted flower
deprived of sunny days 
I starve for your rays

So I look for you
on the horizon
and hope you’ll return
my sunshine

Who needs the sun
when I have your smile
it’s bright enough to banish all shadows
for at least a mile

Or maybe it’s me that’s shining so bright
filled to bursting with joy and light

Before all this I was hopeless
hidden in the darkness
given up on the war that could never be won

So imagine my surprise 
when you came along and brought
the sun

Geena Lee
Lovesoul Studio
Toronto, Canada

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